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Default Re: Do the Steelers throw to many screens?

Originally Posted by 12+88=6 View Post
i'd just like to see some new plays. whatever it takes to get the ball to willie more, especially in open space.

Almost the entire playbook is new. But there are only so many holes to go through, directions to run, places to throw, pass patterns that make sense. A play might look the same, but the blocking is completely different. And how many different ways are there to go off tackle, over the guard, or around the end?

And how many plays get run in a game? How many different formations and plays can you use that make sense for the score and the time and the down and distance?

Each tight end caught at least one pass Sunday, and 9 different receivers were utilized. Parker got his hundred yards both games; so he's definitely getting the ball plenty. We are using lots of different formations this year; we've spread, we've boxed, we even threw a touchdown pass out of the 3 tight end formation on Sunday.

People forget Bettis got stacked up at the goal line, three straight, his share of times. And Franco. And Rocky, and Bam, and Foster.

Would a 10 yard screen to Davenport have been a 25 yard screen to Parker? Not necessarily. Davenport's presence doesn't signal the possibility of a screen as much as Parker's, which increases the probability of success.

No matter what you do, if it's going to be successful it's going to look like football. We concentrate on putting the plays with best possibility for success on the field based on the situation, and we try to create matchups in personnel that maximize that possibility. If it seems routine, it's because it is; there are no magic bullets, no amazing undefendable plays. Sometimes you just line up your guys and they line up their guys and you hit each other and see who wins, because for that situation that's your best shot at success.


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