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Default Re: Lewis 'smug and condescending'

"You know better than that, so why ask me that question? I think Bill knows better than that, too. It's unfortunate he said that. He would know better than that because he knows me as well. He's coached Chad in the Pro Bowl, and all he had to say were glowing things about Chad. Now (Cowher) he's in a position where he can create controversy."
and here i thought it was chad creating the controversy by acting like an ass and making his individual accomplishments and accolades more important than team goals.

thank for clearing that up reverand attorney marv. its cowhers fault.

i think all the "black heyzeuz" talk is starting to die down a bit in ohio, and a small portion of the fans with more than 3 brain cells are realizing he has got to be one of the most horrible coaches in the league.

thats ok though bunglefans. you can still watch tomlin with envy from afar.
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