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Default Steelers' D vs. Brady, Moss and the Pats

O.K. I'm sure everyone knows that the Pats dismantled the Jets and the highly touted Chargers, and actually made it look easy.

Brady to Moss has looked pretty unstoppable, granted I don't think neither the Jets or Chargers played well defensively. The Chargers actually deployed their base 3-4 against the Pats 4 WR set, which the LBs were easily overmatched by the WRs speed. The Jets brought absolutely no pressure on Brady which gave him all the time in the world to pick them apart.

My question is, what defensive package and what personell would the Steelers put on the field to combat the Pats 4 & 5 WR sets?

I myself like a 4 man D-line so that you can apply some pressure with just the front 4 instead of 3 men and a possible blitzer. The Steelers have used a combination of Keisel, Hoke, Hampton and Smith for their DIME package with Woodley subbing. I prefer the natural DE over the OLB playing DE in the DIME package.

2 deep safeties and 4 CBs.

The man in the middle of the formation is important to me, and is usually a LB. That is where Timmons could play a major role, with his speed and athletism. Timmons does'nt have the experience at this time so Farrior would probably be the man. I would actually put Polamalu in the middle and put Clark and Smith at safeties. Troy can cover much more ground, is a great blitzer, and can tackle in the open field. This would also put Smith in position to play the ball and lay the big hit.

What do you all think?
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