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Default Re: Coaches on the hot seat

Originally Posted by 83-Steelers-43 View Post
In all right, Lewis should be on that list. Between the excuse making for his convicts, his complete lack of class and finally.........not getting the job done, he deserves the boot. Just my opinion.
Oh ya. I agree completely.

I'm sure you also agree that it probably won't happen. The Bengals are still in this delusional state where they think that they've actually improved. Sure their records are better. Yes, they send more guys to the Pro Bowl now. They haven't won a thinkg though yet. Another playoff miss and any FO worth their weight in salt would say... hmmm...

What they don't realize is that they could fire Lewis. Hire a defensive minded coach who actually knows how to build one. I realize that defense is Marvin's specialty, but if this is his "forte" then I'd hate to know what kind of a job he does on mundane tasks like wiping his ass. Focus on defense in the draft, trade on of those WRs for picks of defenders, and cut the REAL jackasses or trade them to the Cowboys (I'd say cut all the jackasses but that would leave Kenny Irons and Rudi Johnson (sorry I'm an Auburn guy).

Maybe I'll take over coaching the Bengals... I already have the crutches...

Mad props to Steel-Bryan for the Bucco sig.
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