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Default Re: Steelers' D vs. Brady, Moss and the Pats

absolutely Tony, These are the types of packages that Tomlin wants Timmons in on. These are the types of packages where Timmons would show his versatility. Imagine Troy and Timmons wandering around the line of scrimmage with both having the ability to blitz, cover and attack the ball carrier.

Polly, you have a concern with Smith in coverage? I think from strictly a coverage standpoint (2 deep safety zone)that Smith has all the ability and speed Troy has and I just love his hitting. I look at it like this, we won't be able to stop them all the time so you need someone to lay that BIG hit to deter Moss from running rampant. It's amazing how many balls get dropped when the WRs are looking around for the big hit.

I think we have some talented DBs. No way would I put Townsend on Moss, but Ike would do a good job. Put someone with more speed, like McFadden, on Stallworth and let Townsend cover the crafty Welker. Gay and Smith have shown themselves to be quite the ballhawks so I actually think we have the personell.
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