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Default Re: Lewis 'smug and condescending'

Originally Posted by CantStop85 View Post
I actually listened to this press conference live and Marvin Lewis was nothing short of an *******. He insulted the media's intelligence on several occasions and made a lot of irrelevant jokes which he laughed at quite smugly. The radio shows have been bashing Marvin pretty hardcore lately.

As far as the Bengals as a team go, the best reasoning I've heard so far is that they have a 12-4 offense and a 4-12 defense, thus they balance out at about an 8-8 team. Many people have started saying that the Bengals resurgence hasn't been because of Marvin as many people believed before but because of Carson Palmer...without him they would still be a 4,5,6 win team with Marvin as coach.

Good post. I still don't understand why this organization operates the way it does... Without Palmer, this team is way less than mediocre.

Let's look at the draft

1. Leon Hall good pick, he should be able to help the team?s god awful defense.

2. Kenny Irons?

I am not even going to go past this pick. If all the reports that Rudi Johnson is still a great back are true then why did the team go here? What in the world is going on with Chris Perry? Wasn't he a first round pick?

The situation with this team is laughable... They had one good year where the offense completely carried the team and the D to some extent over achieved and what since that point? Nothing. They got over confident, Marvin Lewis still thinks they are a playoff team and Chad is proclaiming himself to be a HOFer before he even gets his first playoff win.

The to do list for the Bengals should be as follows.

1. Consider your options at the head coaching position.

2. FIX THE DEFENSE. Trade some guys away, god knows you don't need help on offense. This also presents an opportunity to clean up the image a bit - Trade Chris Henry... He could start for a few teams.

3. Give Palmer even more input about everything - The offense, the players he likes / doesn't and just the team in general. Right now I think Palmer could coach this team better than Lewis.

I would put Houshmanzada on the block (May tick Chad off but who cares, all this guy does is whine) I would put Henry as well as Perry (If he is still even on the team) on the block.

Get some LBers for god's sake. Odell is unreliable, Hartwell is injury prone and I haven't seen him yet this season despite the fact that you paid him all kinds of money. The Bungles could have signed a run stopper in Trotter but missed their chance on that too...

I just don't get anything that happens in Cincinnati anymore. So much for the young, good Steelers - Bengals rivalry...
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