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Default Re: Lewis 'smug and condescending'

Originally Posted by ShutDown24 View Post
2. Kenny Irons?

I am not even going to go past this pick. If all the reports that Rudi Johnson is still a great back are true then why did the team go here? What in the world is going on with Chris Perry? Wasn't he a first round pick?
Rudi is still a great back, but over the last 4 years or so he's had more carries than any back in the league. You have to believe that's gonna take a toll on him eventually. Kenny Irons was a logical pick at that spot being that there weren't really any good defensive options at that point and Chris Perry couldn't stay healthy if his life depended on it. Had Kenny not gotten injured, it would have been a good pick as he would've ideally taken some of the workload off of Rudi.

Originally Posted by ShutDown24 View Post
The to do list for the Bengals should be as follows.

1. Consider your options at the head coaching position.
I think this is the make-or-break year for Marvin. If he doesn't lead a team with as much talent as the Bengals to at least a wildcard berth, then he really isn't getting the job done.

Originally Posted by ShutDown24 View Post
2. FIX THE DEFENSE. Trade some guys away, god knows you don't need help on offense. This also presents an opportunity to clean up the image a bit - Trade Chris Henry... He could start for a few teams.
That would be an ideal situation, but good quality trades are hard to come by these days. The only way the Bengals could get better is if they traded for a stud defensive player and what all would they have to give up to get that? In a perfect world you could trade away TJ because you have Chris Henry who's younger and got more potential, but can he stay out of trouble long enough to get on the field? Trading Chris Henry would be tough, because very few teams would be willing to take his baggage and give up very much value for him.

Originally Posted by ShutDown24 View Post
3. Give Palmer even more input about everything - The offense, the players he likes / doesn't and just the team in general. Right now I think Palmer could coach this team better than Lewis.
I think Palmer should have free reign as far as the offense goes. Actually, up to this point, he has had quite a bit of control over the offense. In the offseason he lobbied the Bengals to bring back Kenny Watson and Reggie Kelly and they did. And the majority of the time on offense Carson is calling his own plays.

Originally Posted by ShutDown24 View Post
Get some LBers for god's sake. Odell is unreliable, Hartwell is injury prone and I haven't seen him yet this season despite the fact that you paid him all kinds of money. The Bungles could have signed a run stopper in Trotter but missed their chance on that too...
Ed Hartwell isn't on the team anymore and the Bengals didn't pay him much to begin with. He was cut before the regular season began. The Bengals passed on Trotter and picked up Lemar Marshall, who has been a pretty solid player up to this point. One of the Bengals' problems is that they were expecting Odell to be available this season and when he wasn't it left them scrambling to fill spots. Ahmad Brooks showed a lot of promise in the first game against the Ravens, but then missed the Browns game (hopefully there's a correlation with the results there). But other than Brooks, they really don't have any game-changing players in the linebacking corps (players that Odell and Pollack were supposed to be).

Originally Posted by ShutDown24 View Post
I just don't get anything that happens in Cincinnati anymore. So much for the young, good Steelers - Bengals rivalry...
The extent of the Bengals problems is this: they need to play decent defense. You have guys missing tackles, guys making rookie mistakes, and guys not getting to the quarterback. But I think the main problem is the playcalling...I'm really starting to question Chuck Bresnahan's defensive schemes. If things don't start improving, maybe Marvin should pull a Billick, fire the Bresnahan, and start calling the plays himself, being that he is a "defensive genius."
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