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Default Re: Lewis 'smug and condescending'

Originally Posted by CantStop85 View Post

CJ is arguably the best wide receiver in the league right now...Hines is great, don't get me wrong, but Chad gets the edge.
i would take a healthy moss over chad any day. it really comes down to whether you prefer a prick or a douchebag on your team. after that, i dont even put johnson in the same conversation as s. smith, m. harrison, t. holt, T.O. or hines. of course they can come up big when it counts.

a. johnson, l. fitzgerald, r. williams would leave johnson in the dust with a complete offense (or even a team that could manage going 8-8 three out of the 4 past years.

that aside, all educated bungle fans have a right to be pissed at marv. not only did he treat the media as idiots, he treated the whole fan base as idiots, after all the media is link between the team and the fans.

its all about accountability. i had to listen to the pittsburgh media grill tomlin for not throwing a flag on a questionable play and for having to use all 3 time outs in the 1st half of last sundays games.

granted tomlin will never face the tough questions lewis or belichick have had to face in the past week, but its nice to know they wouldnt be dodged, and he would be accountable, if ever put in that position.
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