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Default Re: Dolphins Looking to Trade Jason Taylor?

How would these teams find the room to sign him and then get under the salary cap?

You look at the transactions the Dolphins have made (inluding the draft) and they appear to be collecting talent for 'one final push' rather than re-building.

- Signed an Ageing Joey Porter with diminshing output to a fat contract
- Used their 2007 1st round pick on an injured punt returner
- Signed an old, over the hill, QB with the intention of releasing another old, over-the-hill QB.

Letting JT go would be a criminally bad piece of business for Miami - their D is the only thing stopping them dropping repeated 4-12 seasons.

How often are superstars traded at this point in the season when teams have their salary cap (barring emergencies) fully allocated?

Not often would be my guess.
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