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Default Re: Someone Else's Idea On The BCS BS, I like his ideas

Originally Posted by Suitanim
The NCAA would never go for it...too many games is always the complaint, although 1-AA seems to have it all worked out. A more viable alternative is the BCS plus one. This was on Fox Sports recently, too, but it's not a new idea.

You keep your 4 major bowls in the BCS, and the winners play each other the following Saturday. It's that simple. #1 plays #4, and #2 plays #3, and the winners square off in the national championship the following week. It results in exactly one additional game for only 2 of the nearly 120 schools, a game which most likely would fall into the winter break anyway, so no big deal. Think the players will suffer from one more week to play in a HUGE bowl game? Think the 2 schools wouldn't be chomping at the bit to pick up all that extra revenue?
They have to do something. Every undefeated team deserves a's only fair. (Hello 1994 Nittany Lions!!!!)

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