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Default Re: Lewis 'smug and condescending'

that aside, all educated bungle fans have a right to be pissed at marv. not only did he treat the media as idiots, he treated the whole fan base as idiots, after all the media is link between the team and the fans.
Believe it or not (and yeah......I know it's hard to believe ) the fan base is supporting Marvin. The radio jocks had people calling in all day saying how great they still think ole Marv is. Sounds like the media is the only one with any brains in this town. (besides us Steelers fans)
Doc: Give media, fans some credit

For five years, Marvin Lewis has been the beneficiary of fawning local media, yours truly included. A 12-year Bengals beatdown before Lewis arrived made those of us who survived it grateful for small favors, such as the miracle of 8-8. This ain?t New York or Philly. Marvin?s had it easy around here.

For that, we get this, on Monday:

?I tell (players) all the time, ?Don?t try to explain it to (media), because (media) won?t understand it?,? Lewis said.

No, probably not. Football is a game for scholars. Here?s something else that escaped the stupid media?s grasp, and maybe yours, too:

How a guy with three career starts at quarterback could tear up the Bengals defense for three and a half quarters. How a Cleveland team a few bad plays from Three Mile Island could drop a 51-45 embarrassment on Marvin?s Bengals. And why, week after year, we try to make sense of the lame and the obvious:

?We just have to play better? is frequently paired with ?We just have to keep playing? and is often followed by ?we?re going to move forward.?

Those answers might insult the media?s intelligence. If we had any.

Look: I like Lewis as much as anyone. He?s done a good job here. Given the organization for which he works, he?s done a very good job. But treating the fawning media like a footwipe isn?t necessary, OK?

Some coaches play the media like a Gibson Les Paul. (See: Kelly, Brian.) Some coaches use their media sessions like couch trips. (See: Huggins, Bob, and Piniella, Lou.) Some use them to send messages to their players. Jack McKeon did that. Marvin Lewis considers dealing with the media en masse a waste of time, like trying to teach Spanish to an English muffin.

Fair enough. But dealing with us dull-normal media dopes is part of the job description. Why not make the best of it?

I wanted to know Monday what is the biggest reason players make mental errors. An OK inquiry, from an idiot media guy, if only because we?ve heard about mental errors since, well, since the Bengals lost the ?88 Super Bowl. It seems to me that people making mental errors might, at some point, learn to make fewer of them or, at some other point, get canned, so that the incredibly complicated game of football might proceed with fewer mental errors.

But what do I know?

Lewis answered my inane question by saying his players stopped doing their own jobs and started freelancing. Actually, he said, they were attempting to ?invent and create a revision. We?re trying to overcome someone else?s deficiencies.? The key, the coach said, was to ?not try and deviate to try and compensate.?

I took my thick self to John Thornton, armed with the same bad question.

?Mental errors come in when people get rattled and forget what they?ve learned. When games get tough, you need the ability to settle down,? the Bengals defensive tackle said. ?All we had to do Sunday was settle down, instead of worrying about what just happened. I mean, who cares? We still had a chance. A lot of people just sort of lost it mentally.?

Same question, Bryan Robinson:

?You should know where you need to be,? said Robinson. ?It?s pretty simple. You have a gap, you stay in your gap. You don?t do another guy?s job. They say there is no bad call, just bad execution. Yesterday, that was true.?

There you have it. What it came down to Sunday was not a bad game plan or calling the wrong defense or Fire Chuck Bresnahan. It was players who allowed the heretofore lousy Cleveland offense to beat them and rattle them and cause them to do things they shouldn?t do. Play properly the defense that?s called, and Derek Anderson doesn?t mess with you like you?re a third-teamer.

That?s my take. Believe what you want. I really don?t understand much.
"We're not going to turn our backs on him," Ward said. "We're going to treat him like our brother. We're going to accept him back and be very supportive of him and help him get through this. In this locker room, he's still our quarterback."
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