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Default Re: Will the wheels fall off of Parker?

Originally Posted by HometownGal View Post
Quit treating these professional athletes like they are china dolls for God's sake! If FWP wants the ball more - give it to him!! I would think he, better than anyone, knows his own limitations and from what I've seen, he hasn't even come close to reaching those yet.
Well Earl Campbell thought he knew his limitations and now he spends his weekends on only one floor of his house because he cannot take the stairs and can barely move. Campbell was pretty much shot after his 4th year in the NFL (the second number in the chart is carries and the third # is total yards)

1978 302 1450 4.8
1979 368 1697 4.6
1980 373 1934 5.2
1981 361 1376 3.8
1982 157 538 3.4

I forget who said it, but running the ball 25 times in a NFL game is like being in 25 auto accidents every Sunday afternoon. A career can end on any play, but the more plays you run the sooner your skills run out.

One job of a coach is to save players from their own illusions of immortality (e.g. - one reason i was pi**ed at Cowher last year was bringing Ben back from injures so quickly).

Willie P. is a talent and I would hate for him to burn out too soon.

Coach Tomlin - Save Willie!
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