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Default Re: McNabb says black QBs under more pressure

Originally Posted by moedap View Post
Donovan McNabb has never been surrounded by the offensive talent that Brady or Manning has. Anyone who believes otherwise is delusional. Although I think McNabb can be a little sensitive he isnt too far off with his comments.
Sorry, I think he is way off with his comments in regards to race. All QBs are subject to criticism, it comes with the territory - if their teams lose, they generally get too much of the blame across the board, and when they win, they get too much credit across the board. In the NFL, if a guy has what it takes to play the position and excel, he plays that position - regardless of whether he's white, black, yellow, red or purple. I guess McNair being named co-NFL MVP back in '03 along with Manning was racism? Like revefsreleets said in an earlier post, this would have been a legitimate argument 20 years ago. It doesn't fly now.

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