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Default Re: ESPN/Bill Simmons NFL Pointspreads Podcast

Originally Posted by Livinginthe past View Post
I think its a little bit of an overreaction to have the Steelers so high (and sure I know some people have no time for power rankings) after two games against medicore opposition.

I think they are balanced and possibly have the best shot at postseason success out of all the etams in the AFCN - but to put them above the Colts?

Thats a little much at this point - Indy is as smooth as ever on offense and the run D seems closer to the post season 06 effort than the awful regular season 06.
If i had to pick a line to follow this week (for strictly non-betting purposes, of course) it would be Chargers -4.5 - I think they are going to win by 20.
didn't indy just almost lose to one of them mediocre teams ??? has tennessee been bumped up too the, "elite" ,ranks during the offseason ???
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