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Default Re: Hate to say this but....

Originally Posted by Livinginthe past View Post
Yeah, they look good without a doubt.

I agree with Atlanta Dan and Fansince'76 though - impressive early season form is no reason to 'crown their ass'.

On the flip side, you have people downplaying both of the Patriots opponents, disregarding the fact that both made the postseason last year - the Chargers are not suddenly a bad team, although are far from top-form at this point.

The Jets will push for the postseason again - they made a late run last year and hit form at the right time no reason why they can't get Pennington fit and do the same this year.

That San Diego D will shred some very decent O-line's this year - I think the Patriots O-line is ready to take the step up to 'elite' along with the Colts.

I also look forward to getting Rodney H. and Seymour back in action - hopefully the Sey-monster will be dressed and ready for action by game 8-10.

So its looking great right now, but there always twists and turns during the season - and this year the Patriots seem to have gone out of their way to create some of their own.

C'mon man, what's next? Referring to Ben, as Ben Rottenburger??

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