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Default Re: Could Defenses Manipulate New Rule?

Originally Posted by BeuffordLTD View Post
This year the NFL introduced a new ruling that basically states that a delay of game penalty (5 yards) will be assessed if a player spikes the ball after a play (see penalty on Evans last week.)

Now, if the receiver gains a first down, the offense keeps the first down, but starts 1st and 15. Couldn't a defensive player just kick the ball after an offensive player spikes it, earn a delay of game penalty, and create a scenario with offsetting penalties and redo the play...basically nullifying the first down?

I could be totally wrong on this, just looking for some insight.
If the defender kicked the ball after the offensive player spikes it the play would already be over so it would be a dead ball foul which means the offense would keep the first down not to mention that by kicking the ball by the defender could possibly be looked at as unsportsmanlike conduct resulting in a 15 yard penalty.

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