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Default Re: Could Defenses Manipulate New Rule?

Did you catch that on NFL network’s official review? Eisen really got the V.P there... His face was like ____________ Anyway; with Pereira’s explanation yes a defense could manipulate that rule.

"Any minor foul at all that coincides with another minor foul from the opposing team automatically off-set"

SO yes, if the receiver were to spike a ball then have the defender pick it up and spike it, it would definitely give the defense the edge deducting the offensive gain. They are both dead ball fouls since the receiver spiked/threw the ball after he was downed obviously.

Answer: Yes - But it is WAAAY to hard to pull off on purpose to be of any use. And will anyone use it besides maybe the Patriots? Doubtful, especially considering the fact that most players don’t even know about the spike/throw rule yet… ><

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