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Default Re: Lynn Swann Super Bowl X custom figure

Originally Posted by Allstar View Post
6 inch is the scale using the McFarlane parts of course. I got a super bowl 40 Bettis coming soon. Anyone have any ideas for something else they would like to see maybe do a poll or something and the top idea will be my next black and gold project.
how about the catch stallworth had in sb14 that was on the cover of the si mag.

bettis vs urlacher

swann in sb 14 when he jumped over 2 rams.

lambert standing over newhouse in sb 10 with a fist.

the famous "steel curtain" shot vs the raiders

swann's td catch vs broncos 78 playoffs

donnie shell's hit on earl campbell 1978 @ oilers

swann flipped in air, still catches ball, 1979 wk1 @ patriots

rocky's last td at home 1980 vs chiefs

james harrisom body slamming a browns fan.

kimo's hit on palmer

chad johnson in tears

the sacks on manning from the playoff game.

parker's dive into the endzone sb40

ward's td catch sb40

randle el throwing the pass sb40

rooney and cowher with the trophy

the chief

any of these sound like good ideas?
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