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Default Re: AFCN, who's gonna win it this year?

Originally Posted by Brownskikass
The Ravens or Steelers because the Steelers have a great defense and Big Ben has those weapons or the Ravens because they aqquired a much needed #1 WR and their defense is also amazing....
That's it? After all the work our leader did in getting you a true level playing field you come back with this piece of crap. Back up your team man, for gosh sakes. Here let me pretend I got hit in the head with something really big(like our four super bowl trophies) and now I'm a Browns fan...

First we are gonna run up and down the North this year. New coach = New attitude. We're cleaning house. No more under preformers. You play hard or go home under Romeo. Next we are getting back the "chosen one". This will immeadialtey help out Taylor in our run game. C) We improved both the run game and defense. Solid choices for winning championships. Andruzzi will be a great blocker. Will make some in Ohio remember days of Munoz(diff team but still showing state pride). Then Stewart and Taylor are just the guys to stuff Bettis, Staley, Johnson, and Lewis. Look out North cause we are going 12-4 and not looking back.

...and I'm back. What happened? Man BKA, you picked a heck of a time to loose your backbone. Its bad when we have to provide your bulletin board material. This is the Blast Furnace. You better bring your A game next time, and put some stank on it. Remember this is a Steelers board first and we got a rep to protetct. So post like you got a pair next time.

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