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Default Fellow SF Members.......I Have A Question?

I was in a pretty heated argument with a fellow Steelers fan in the other Steelers site I post on....This guy has his own site he is one of those self proclaimed know it alls....But anyway he stated Jason Gildon was nothing more then a product of the Steelers defensive system and that LaMarr Woodley would be out of the NFL by I just thought that was total crap on both accounts and wonder what you all thought about these two topics as well...So was Jason Gildon a product of the system?

I know the 3-4 is designed for OLBs to make plays...But if a player posts 77 career sacks like Gildon did proves to me he was a good football player and not just a product of the system.....Its not like Alonzo Jackson went out there and posted 77 career sacks...

As for Woodley being out of the NFL by 2011....I just find that rather laughable....and to think this so called expert said I didn't even have an elemantary knowledge of the game....
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