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Default Re: Fellow SF Members.......I Have A Question?

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
its tough to go from g. lloyd, l. kirkland, c. brown, and k. green to all the scrubs and "products of the systems" weve had since then, but this guy seems to have taken it extra hard.

gildon, porter, haggans, vrabel all would be 1st or 2nd round draftpicks in todays era where so many teams play 3-4.

players like k. wimbley, m. lawson, a. spencer, are all indirectly products of the "steelers system".

so he bases his take on woodley off of gildon, huh? i'll take 70+ sacks from woodley just being a system guy.
Tony....go over to SA if you want a good laugh and read his stuff...Its comical...He said 62 percent of Jason Gildon's sacks were from being unblocked.....He thinks Woodley is utter trash and doesn't have the speed or the strength to play in the NFL....He said he was another wasted pick like Scott Shields, Alonzo Jackson, Jeremy

I know were not going to agree with everyone...But get that system player talk for Gildon out here....I always thought he never got the just due he deserved....He was just as good as Joey Porter in my mind....Its just to bad Gildon didn't get a ring....I wonder what player he was watching from the mid 90s to the early 00s?...It sure wasn't Jason
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