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Default Re: Patriots deliver 'spygate' materials to NFL HQ in NYC...

Originally Posted by Atlanta Dan View Post

My experience has been that after someone has flagrantly violated the law you execute a search warrant rather than serve a subpoena to verify you have everything - otherwise you just have the crooks' word for what has been provided.

The NFL wants this to go away as much as the Pats do - my option is to root for whomever the Pats play and hope bad karma will even this out eventually (anyone else noticed the Red Sox have pretty much collapsed since New England's other favorite team got nabbed?) .
the most ironic of the sox collapse is that it has taken all the local media eye off the patriots considering football is just something for the "locals" to watch until spring training.

if the nfl wouldve seized all the patriots materials, they wouldnt have been able to use "data" collected vs. the chargers last sunday. the nfl made it clear they didnt wanna over-penalize the patriots.

plus, why rent a cargo ship, when Robber Kraft can use one of his own?

(can you believe goodell made the patriots org sign a certefied letter to ensure all materials had been handed over? what a sham.)
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