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Default Re: Patriots deliver 'spygate' materials to NFL HQ in NYC...

Originally Posted by Lloydfan4life View Post
I totally agree. I couldn't believe the NFL was 'asking' them to hand over all of their material, rather than going and getting it w/a subpoena. Then to treat the public like stupid morons by asking the Pats to sign a paper saying they'd given it all up, and basically announcing to everyone 'It's over now, we have all of their materials', and expecting us to believe a bunch of cheaters are not liars also. Yeah, okay, I'm on board with all of this.

I've lost a lot of repsect for Goodell throughout his handling of this whole situation.
goodell is just on an island all by himself on this one.

yep. heres photos of him waiting to hitch a ride with Robber Kraft and his fancy cruise liner shown above:

"WILSON!!!!! whahahahaaaaaa"
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