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Default Re: Fellow SF Members.......I Have A Question?

In the Steelers LB core over the years, I think you can make the argument that perhaps the "system" made some players stats better than they would have been under a 4-3 system, but they still needed the talent to succeed in it.

I think that players like Lloyd, Greene, and Kirkland would have been great in any system...especially Kirkland.

Players like Chad Brown, Gildon, Porter were very good pass rushers because of the feature role that the "system" provided for them. I don't think they were great linebackers the case of Porter and Gildon...they were easily blocked completely out of the play on numerous occassions. Kevin Greene and Chad Brown were easily the best pass rushers in the 3-4 system out of all of them. If you want to look at a product of the Steelers system, it was Jerrol Williams of the 1992 team. He never did a thing after he left the Steelers.

Players like Earl Holmes, Kendrell Bell, and Foote have their tackle #'s inflated because the tackles are funnelled to them because of the scheme that the front 3 play in tying up blockers. I think that all of them were good linebackers, but far from great. The best inside linebacker the Steelers have had since Kirkland has easily been Farrior.
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