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Default Re: in 1492 Columbus discovered...

Breaking News ...Cincinatti Ohio
Sept 21, 2007

Marvin Attempts to Motivate Team.

After the ugly loss to a Cleveland juggernaut, word is that Marvin Lewis used a rather unorthodox method to motivate his team.
Marvin was screaming at his players about not being "tough enough" to finish the game, and not playing through pain.
To emphasis his point, an unnamed source states that Marvin reached into a bucket, pulled out a small alligator, dropped his pants and let the alligator bite him on his butt.
Strutting around the locker room with the alligator hanging from his backside, the coach yelled at players that "everyone needs to be tough enough to focus" even when in pain. He then reached behind him and poked the alligator in the eye to make it let go. Holding the alligator above his head he screamed at his players as to who would be next.
Chad Johnson immediately stood up and said he would go next if the coach promised not to poke him in the eye to make him let go.
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