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Default Re: Fellow SF Members.......I Have A Question?

I hate this arguement for a couple of reasons. First all players are effected by the system they play in and the players around them. If your on a great team you probably look a little better than you are if you are on a bad team then maybe you are better than the total results. Second when you look back at great players that leave for another team late in their career most don't have the same sucsess. There is alot of reasons for this one they are older two they are most likely in a different system three they don't have the same players around them. You could argue that any player that only played in one system is a system player. Was Dan Fouts a system player or Montana, Young, Terrell Davis, Ray Lewis and so on and so on. Did Joe Greene make the other Dlinemen he played with better absolutly but that doesn't mean LC wasn't a great player. I believe players are what they are so when you have a guy like Gildon getting 77 sacks there is a ton of reasons why he was able to preform the way he did. He was a good football player simple as that. Yes maybe if he played on another team he might not have done as well but you can't prove it. As far as Woodley goes maybe he will be out of the league by 2011 or maybe he will be a perrenial probowler and some day break some records. You never know until it happens that is what is great about sports.

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