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Default Re: Steelers-49ers key matchup

Originally Posted by Cape Cod Steel Head View Post
Their o-line has given up 7 sacks.

Now I took it where he was writing that Staley gave up those 7 sacks? But Staley has given up one, its Jennings, and Smiley who have given up the sacks. Smiley has 3, Jennings has 2, Heitmann has 1 and Staley has 1. we expect Staley to make rookie flaws because he's a rookie but he has held his ground really great for a rookie. I mean he took on L. Little of the Rams who is a pro bowl DE and still has his great speed and moves. Now saying he is a shut down tackle yet but he is really great in the passing game SO FAR (knock on wood). But you are right in the running game he is not solid yet, not like our last year starter in K. Harris (who rides the bench) but he hasn't been flagged yet at all this year which is rare for a rookie. And Harris every fregen time we got a good or big play you would hear "holding or clipping #77" and it would drive us nuts!! So we got a rookie RT who is great in pass blocking, has yet to make a penalty but is not solid on the run so far. But this is all can change.
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