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Default Re: Steelers-49ers key matchup

Originally Posted by OStigers2000 View Post
I know you wanna over hype junk and all but Staley hasn't given up 7 sacks there buddy. Think you need to get your facts straight. He has given up only 1 so calm down on the over exaggeration. And D. Townsend is junk, that dude couldn't cover a poor man in a aisle. I've seen him get burnt many of times giving up the big play, your best bet is Taylor. You leave your faith in Townsend well you have seen it before where he plays like junk. So underestimate our RT J. Staley, you're gonna really enjoy the show
I sort of agree about Townsend but the 49ers dont have any top receivers so the corners will be more vital in run D support. Stopping Frank Gore should be the #1 mission which forces Alex Smith to make and that is something he has not shown the ability to do in his short career.

Key matchup really is Casey Hampton vs the SF O-line.
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