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Default Re: To Challenge or not To challenge

Originally Posted by OneForTheToe View Post
Probably the only bit of controversy that will be seen in the Burgh this week. Should Tomlin have challenged the incomplete pass to the Niner's TE in the second half? One thing is for sure, the Ref's seem to have blown the play.

To me the question comes down to the rules of replay in the NFL. When the ref goes into the replay booth is he restricted by the specific issue at challenge, or can he make a determination based on another issue as long as it is still a reviewable issue? Does anyone know? If the Ref is restricted by the issue challenged, then maybe Tomlin should have challenged. However, if they are not restricted then it would have been useless for Tomlin to challenge the play because the Ref would have already considered all issues regarding that particular play.

Pheww ... did that make any sence?
I did happen to see that play.

First up, I think the ball did hit the ground - otherwise I can't see how the ball gained so much 'spring' from the inside of the arm.

As far as challenges go - im pretty sure you only challenge a certain element of the play.

So yes, I think Tomlin could have challenged the fact that the ball hit the ground, though I think it would have been close to impossible to say with any certainty that it didn't - which is what is required to over turn the call.

I happen to think the receiver was actually down - but that rule is open to interpretation it could go either way depending on the ref's mood.

As it happened a 50 yd FG is a (literal) long shot at Heinz - I thought Tomlin made the right call...or non-call.
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