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Default Re: McNabb says black QBs under more pressure

ive seen mcnabb have alot of games like the one he had today w/o having to draw on the press for external motivation. todays performance can be attributed to a good gameplan, a good qb, and a defense who wasnt up to the challenge.

as for the media firestorm over mcnabbs interview (who many think was given last week), i can see where he is coming from when c. palmers skin is practically sucked off his bone by the media for throwing 6td's in a loss.

if mcnabb threw 6 td's in a loss he would probably be blasted for not running enough.

i think the assertion that mcnabb just "turned it on" because of the media drama just proves his point that he faces a hell of alot more scrutiny than alot of top qb's.

on the other hand, the media darling palmer can screw up as often as he wants, not post wins, and he will always know as a golden boy, regardless.
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