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Default Re: To Challenge or not To challenge

Originally Posted by Livinginthe past View Post
I did happen to see that play.

First up, I think the ball did hit the ground - otherwise I can't see how the ball gained so much 'spring' from the inside of the arm.

As far as challenges go - im pretty sure you only challenge a certain element of the play.

So yes, I think Tomlin could have challenged the fact that the ball hit the ground, though I think it would have been close to impossible to say with any certainty that it didn't - which is what is required to over turn the call.

I happen to think the receiver was actually down - but that rule is open to interpretation it could go either way depending on the ref's mood.

As it happened a 50 yd FG is a (literal) long shot at Heinz - I thought Tomlin made the right call...or non-call.

It was 49 yards -not 50. Your right about the "long shot at Heinz." I may be wrong but no Steeler has kicked one 50 or longer at Heinz. That kick by Reed today would have been good from 60 yards out.

It's the little things and the big things that are going right this season. I'm trying to think what is different this season
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