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Default Re: McNabb says black QBs under more pressure

Originally Posted by revefsreleets View Post
LOL. It was interesting to see some coaches talking about coaching black QB's in college in the south in the 70's in response. THOSE QB's faced some scrutiny. McNabb plays in Philly. If Rocky played QB they'd boo him, too. His race is obviously an issue to him, and I'm sure his motivation is a personal issue for him as well.
are you saying mcnabb wants to win because he is black?

im sure the competitive nature of pro atheletes, and the thrill of being a winner alone supercedes race issues.

donnovan wants to win because he is a competitive football player, not because he is black.

but i will agree with you. mcnabb has always hot dogged it throughout his career when he is not faced with media adversity

how great it is to be able to "turn it on" like that.
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