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Default Outstanding numbers

Numbers don't lie. I can't say the same for statistics.

So not one to get hung up on them unless you can honestly say "the statistics don't lie."

The Steeler scoring numbers (or lack of by opponent) are outstanding. [The Cheatriots {or *Patriots* or Asterisks (or whoever is in New England)} is off the chart. And now we know why.]

But for Team Tomlin & Colbert...the sacks are there and the rushing yards are there. And the Steelers are doing it efficiently. If you look at the yards per game we rank
26th in the NFL. 26TH!! Yet nearly everyone has the Steelers in the Top 10 if not the Top 5.

All of this aside we must beat the Cardinals in the desert and the Seahawks at home so we can go into the bye week with a squeaky clean record. The rest of the season is going to be battle after battle.

I won't sit back and wait for an injury to derail our good fortune. NO. I'll take my cue from Tomlin. No matter what happens I'm believing that this 53-man roster will be prepared to win each and every game - something absent in 2006.
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