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Default Ref explains call... and it makes sense.

Why was the call made the way it was made?
Gerald Austin: He didn?t complete the pass as a catch. You have to get two feet clearly down and make another football move. If in the process of making the catch, he gets hit and goes to the ground, then he has to hold on. When he hit the ground and the ball hit the ground, it popped out.
Did he have one foot on the ground?
Gerald Austin: He had one foot and a toe on the other one.
That?s not considered two feet?
Gerald Austin: You have to be clearly down, and if he goes to the ground, he has to maintain control of the ball. He went to the ground and didn?t do anything other than that because as soon as that second toe hit, he gets hit and boom down he goes and hits on the elbow, the ball hits and pops up. That is the rule of the process of the game, two feet clearly down and if he goes to the ground he has to hold it.

So the call makes sense... and with that, Tomlin's choice not to challenge it makes sense as well.
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