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Default Re: Two for Tomlin

Originally Posted by Preacher View Post

It isn't just having to feet down that makes it a catch, it is two feet down, and a football move. Two feet down is ONLY when going out of bounds. He was not able to make a football move. He got hit and flipped over. At that point, the question is, did he keep possession when he hit the ground, or did he lose possession and thus the ball was incomplete.

We all know the answer to that one... and that is why it was called an incomplete pass.
i'll say it again. a catch is a catch is a catch.

to have 3 different rules for a catch being caught in the field of play, along the sidelines, and in the endzone is simply retarded.

a catch is a catch is a catch.

a "football move"???????

and here i thought catching the freaking ball "was a "football move" all along. i guess i was wrong.
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