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Originally Posted by WWIIOwheelz View Post
Ben threw those 2 passes to Hines high and after looking right at him right from the snap. We're lucky he wasn't seriously injured. It takes a lot to knock that guy out of the game.

Ben had a day that reminded me of his early return last season, honestly. He telegraphed a lot more than just those 2 passes, but obviously the team came away with a win. We have the defense, special teams, and a great run by Najeh accounting for most of the points, but it sure was nice to see our third TE of the season getting the 4th TD to them so far, but I digress.

Hope Hines is OK. After the first hit, I was upset at Ben for throwing the ball high over the middle, even asked out loud, "Ben, you trying to kill Hines?" Then on the very next play he did it again!! I was a little upset at Arians AND Ben after that. I didn't pay close attention, but was it the exact same play? It looked like it, and Hines got crushed.

You can't do that to your #1 receiver, a leader of your team. I hope there isn't anything going on we aren't hearing about between Hines and Ben or the coaches, but I've heard of stranger things happening.
I think that maybe the first one was an accident... ball just thrown too far.

The second one however is probably different. Ben was probably timing Ward's route. Problem is, Ward wasn't running the same speed with the injury. As a result, Ben's pass went about 3 yards long... just enough to expose Ward to a second big hit.
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