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Default Re: Outstanding numbers

I prefer the numbers 368. Our passing offense hasn't kicked into full gear because we haven't needed to. Parker and Roethlisberger, with help from Rossum earlier, are putting us where we want to be; in the lead. I am a bit disappointed in our red zone offense, but it's nothing we can't kick into gear. No reason we can't beat Cards and Seahawks like we have; get a lead, and let Willie Parker whittle away the clock. The way Tomlin talks, he's smart enough to walk into the Bye 5-0 and still realize we need to kick up the red zone, if we haven't at that point.

I'm hoping we can get the same sense of fear teams get when they face Indy. The whole time you watch Manning dump passes off to Wayne and Gonzales and Clark and Utecht, you're waiting for someone to blow coverage on Harrison and get burned deep. We have two solid TEs and one of the best possession receivers in the league, as well as a RB that can break for some serious YAC. Hopefully we can wait for someone to blow coverage on Holmes.

Though good lord the way that guy is playing we might not even need to wait for that. Holmes is making his own openings and rushing back to the line when Ben needs him. Plaxiwho? ;)
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