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Originally Posted by Livinginthe past View Post
I wonder how long the Rex Grossman experiment can last - surely the more talented, productive members of Bears are looking at Grossman as the single biggest hurdle between them and another SB appearance.

They have suffered after losing Thomas Jones to the Jets, their running game is unable to pick up the slack to cover the inaccurate, scattershot QB.

The Bears also made a hell of a lot of great ST plays last year - thats another thing that is difficult to maintain - once teams start paying special attention to finding ways to combat it.
I'm not a Grossman apologist...but Berian had two passes that hit him right in the hands.....If you are an NFL WR..and are still trying to cradle balls that bounce off your pads...???.....then you cant blame the QB.

That being said...Grossman is not the answer....He simply isnt big or strong enough to escape and scramble...Everytime a D-lineman breathed on him he was down. You dont have to have the strongest arm in the world to be a NFL QB...but you had BETTER be able to make some plays with your head if your short, small and slow.
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