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Default Re: Bengals Circling The Drain?

Originally Posted by Livinginthe past View Post
Outside of Pittsburgh, and their weak opening schedule, who should we be looking at to truly test the Patriots - or will every team that gets beaten be written of as no-hopers?
Ask me in February

Lots of favorites to win the conference never make it to the SB (I know you may hate to hear it but Exhibit A is the 1976 Steelers) and you need only go back to the 2005 season to see a "Super Team" that was going to outdo the 1972 Dolphins that crashed & burned. That is all I am saying at this point.

The Pats are the most impressive team so far, but beating a Jets team with QB issues, a Chargers team that has coaching issues (even though I recall someone said they were going to beat Green Bay by 20), and a Bills team that has now been stomped by the Steelers and Pats is not much of a read on their greatness.

Given their lousy division the Pats certainly have the inside track on homefield, but in the AFC that often has not been worth a whole lot.

As I have said repeatedly, this ain't the BCS - the championship will be decided on the field, not by compring the relative merit of beatdowns.
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