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Default Peter King's MVP Watch
MVP Watch
We're starting early this year, people. MVP Watch debuted in December last year, but I figured, hey, why not September? Why not get the angry e-mails earlier this year?

1. Tom Brady, QB, New England. Six incompletions in each of his first three games. Playing almost perfect football on the best team of them all. His three-game rating is 141.8, just 12 points shy of perfection ... not that I buy into QB ratings.

2. Peyton Manning, QB, Indianapolis. Wind him up, and he keeps on dominating and winning.

3. Brett Favre, QB, Green Bay. Reincarnated at 37. Only three times in his career has he had a better quarterback rating and a better completion percentage for a season.

4. Randy Moss, WR, New England. I mean, have you been watching the games?

5. Ben Roethlisberger, QB, Pittsburgh. He wanted the pressure on his shoulders. It was put there, and he's directed the 3-0 Steelers to 32 points per game.
king has slowly been back pedalling away from his ranking of ben as the 17th best qb for this upcoming season, but it now appears he is running away from it.

todays MMQB is chock full of praise for the steelers. (#3 in his fine 15, and naming tomlin his coach of the week.)

4. Pittsburgh is better than even the biggest nut-job Steelers fan ever thought this team would be. The Steelers have won by 27, 23 and 21, respectively, by focusing myopically on today. A defense that showed signs of fraying last year has allowed one offensive touchdown in 32 possessions. I asked coach Mike Tomlin if he'd had much time to watch the Patriots or Colts, and what he thought of them. 'No, I haven't,'' he said. "But the beauty about football is in order to win a championship, you've got to play the best.''
i guess im a nut-job then. i expected the steelers to roll through their first 5 games about as easy as they did their 5 pre season opponents.
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