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Default Re: Peter King's MVP Watch

We'll get a true picture of how Ben responds to adversity during weeks 7 through 9 (Denver, Cincy and Baltimore) - those are the first real tests I expect where the opposition will be able to limit the run or put big presure on the Pittsburgh DB's and create potential for a shootout.
actually i got a true picture of how ben responds to adversity in the post season of 05 against 2 of those same 3 teams, as he defeated the top 4 offensive teams in the league. i dont expect ben to hit a wall or anything in weeks 7-9.

its really no big stretch or placing the steelers up on a pedestal with the other 2 teams that have won the past 3 superbowls. looking back to 04 and 05 (even the 1st week of 06) our offense is younger and better, our defense is younger and better, and our special teams are younger and better.

i think to much credit was understandably taken away simply based on last years showing. the loss of jerome, cowher, and bens mental and physical stability was far too overweighted. i think many are seeing that the steelers arent ready to take another fall anytime soon. the games against the trendy sb contenders in weeks 7-9 should be fun. it seems every year is their year. i would like to face them as underdogs, but im sure we wont.

anyways ben is playing damn good ball and its about time people start recognizing him as a top player, instead of 17th best.

what do the 4 qb's in kings mvp watch list have in common? they are the only 4 starting qb's in the nfl who have started and WON a superbowl.
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