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Originally Posted by TroysBadDawg View Post
I was going to go and get it but I have heard the same thing arounf here about it not being that great for single player use. Someone anyone let me know whatyou think, when you get yours after the release date. These may be beta's and not full blown versions.

I was not thrilled with "two worlds" but my middle son loves it.

The are also looking forward to Guitar Hero 3, their one friend is rated 43rd in the world on 2.

I hated Two Worlds, lol no offense... After playing oblivion though it was a really waterd down game.

Guitar Hero 3 is going to be great... I am keeping my X-Plorer though even though the Les Paul for 3 is supposed to be really bad ass I don't think it's worth the cash when I can just get the game for much less...

Halo 3 isn't known for its single player, but it isn't bad... I think 3 will really improve upon what 2 did in the campaign mode. The multiplayer is where it really excels though... Man, I haven't really been that excited for it yet up until now... If you beat the game on legendary it's worth 550 gamer points.
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