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Default Re: How many more Steelers to the Hall

2007 -- Terrell Davis, Jamal Anderson, Randall Cunningham, Eric Allen, Carnell Lake, Bruce Matthews, Ricky Watters and Tony Boselli were the names I was presented with. I'd say that Matthews is the strongest candidate of the bunch. Davis will be the most perplexing. Just how long does a career have to be? His lasted seven years, three of which were a wash, four of which were productive, with three of them accounting for 5,296 yards. No runner has ever gained more in three consecutive seasons. OK, so if we're approving Davis' seven-year career, then how about Boselli's seven-year career? Five Pro Bowls in seven years. Right now I'm inclined to say yes to Davis, no to Boselli, and this might be a good year to get in the leftovers from 2006.

2009 -- Shannon Sharpe, John Randle, Bruce Smith, Rod Woodson, Gary Anderson, Larry Centers. I added the last three myself. Sharpe, Smith and Woodson, yes, yes and yes. Randle, no. Lots of sacks, but just too unsound against the run. Sorry, but they haven't yet ruled out that part of the game. Anderson? Well, he's the leading field-goal producer and scorer of all time, although by '09 he'll probably be second to Morten Andersen, which will take him out of commission in the HOF voting. Centers is the most prolific pass-catching back. Is this enough? I don't think it will be.

Thanks to Dr. Z at Gotta respect it cause he gets a vote. But I can see his side. So just Woodsen and Bettis I would believe.
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