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Default PFW power rankings

By PFW staff
Sept. 25, 2007

The Patriots keep rolling, and there are few reasons to doubt the Colts. To date, the Steelers have been excellent. After that, it gets tricky. Do the top NFC teams deserve to rank up there with the AFC heavyweights? Which AFC team comes next? Here?s our editors? take ...

1. New England Patriots
Hardly worry time, but what?s the deal with the punting?

2. Indianapolis Colts
Nice to see Anthony Gonzalez getting into the act more.

3. Pittsburgh Steelers
Time to give notice to a pretty strong secondary.

4. Dallas Cowboys
Credit Wade Phillips and Brian Stewart for helping to shape up the defense.

5. Green Bay Packers
Another great total for Favre: his 38th career fourth-quarter comeback.

6. Baltimore Ravens
Matt Stover is good for at least two game-winners every season.

7. San Diego Chargers
Thought they had the secondary fixed already.

8. Denver Broncos
Did one of the best game coaches ever panic last week?

9. Seattle Seahawks
A Nate Burleson sighting! A Deon Grant sighting! Did anyone notice?

10. Chicago Bears
Words Chicagoans love to hate: ?Rex is our quarterback.?

11. Philadelphia Eagles
Most regular-season points since ?53 ? or 20 years after those unis were cool.

12. Houston Texans
Remarkable they kept Colts game so close without any offensive punch.

13. Carolina Panthers
Julius Peppers is picking a bad time to play for a new contract.

14. Tennessee Titans
Improved run defense has been big reason for turnaround.

15. Jacksonville Jaguars
Dominant performance by the D-line against Denver.

16. San Francisco 49ers
The offense tends to go as Frank Gore goes.

17. Cincinnati Bengals
Rudi?s 17-9 rushing line led to Kenny Watson?s nice performance.

18. Washington Redskins
Loss to Giants akin to two steps back, not one.

19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Jeff Garcia has a ?did you see that?!? play on a weekly basis.

20. Detroit Lions
If the defensive line doesn?t win battle, the rest of the ?D? has no chance.

21. New York Giants
No one feels better about the win than defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo.

22. Arizona Cardinals
Cris Collinsworth was right: Matt Leinart did look intimidated vs. Ravens.

23. New York Jets
Chad Pennington not ready to hand over the starting job just yet.

24. New Orleans Saints
No one is ready to look past this team, but secondary, O-line must improve.

25. Minnesota Vikings
No team has a worse quarterback situation. Not one.

26. Oakland Raiders
Someone needs to explain the wisdom of a zero-DL ?D? with 10 seconds left.

27. Cleveland Browns
Ronald Curry, not Jerry Porter, is the team?s best wideout.

28. Kansas City Chiefs
Jared Allen returns just in time.

29. St. Louis Rams
Hurry back, Tye Hill. The Cowboys are hard to cover.

30. Miami Dolphins
Jason Taylor takes a bullet for his team, but the blame spreads widely.

31. Buffalo Bills
If they didn?t have bad injury luck, they?d have no luck at all.

32. Atlanta Falcons
Hey, at least Joey Harrington played pretty well.
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