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Default Re: PFW power rankings

cbs spots line's pete prisco's power ranking

Current Team Previous
1 Colts ? Trends 1
The thing that is so impressive is that they're already 2-0 on the road. That defense clearly isn't the same unit from last season -- it's much better.
2 Patriots ? Trends 2
The one thing that stands out is how well the passing game is clicking. Randy Moss makes this a different offense. Their game with the Bengals this week could be first team to 50 wins.
3 Cowboys ? Trends 3
They're the highest-scoring team in the league, which makes them fun to watch. The good thing is that the defense is playing better than it did in the opener. They should get to 4-0 against the Rams.
4 Steelers ? Trends 4
At 3-0, they're kind of flying under the top three's radar. But this is a good football team. And you get the idea they will be there in the end, though they really haven't been tested yet.
5 Packers ? Trends 8
Surprise, surprise. Who could have imagined this team in the top five? Admit it, there weren't many of you.
6 Ravens ? Trends 12
They didn't make it easy against the Cardinals, but this is still a good team. What happened to that pass defense in the second half?
7 Panthers ? Trends 14
They got the running game going against the Falcons, which is this team's identity. The pass defense continues to struggle, and that has to change.
8 Seahawks ? Trends 16
They're here because they rallied to beat the Bengals, but how easily could they be way down the list? Now comes a tough division game at San Francisco.
9 Titans ? Trends 19
The most impressive thing about the Titans is the way the defense is playing. Vince Young gets the attention, but Jim Schwartz has his unit playing great defense.
10 Jaguars ? Trends 17
The old formula worked in Denver: Run and play good run defense. They did both. They go to their bye week feeling pretty good about their 2-1 start.
11 Broncos ? Trends 5
The run defense is hurting this team. At some point, that has to be better. Are they any good at 2-1? We still don't know.
12 Chargers ? Trends 6
OK, they have talent. OK, they have the best back in the game. But at some point, don't they have to start winning to prove how good they're supposed to be?
13 Bears ? Trends 7
They forgot the important NFL tenet: Thou who can't pass can't win. Rex Grossman is clearly on the hot seat now -- and probably headed to the bench.
14 49ers ? Trends 9
We found out they're not ready offensively to go into Pittsburgh and win. At some point, they have to get more from their passing game.
15 Texans ? Trends 10
They have a ton of key injuries, and that is holding the offense back. Get ready for the hype this week: Matt Schaub goes back to Atlanta.
16 Redskins ? Trends 11
They blew a game they should have won against the Giants. That one will sting. What the heck happened in the second half?
17 Buccaneers ? Trends 23
They're back to playing their style of football, which is to run it and play good run defense.
18 Eagles ? Trends 20
That was some offensive explosion against the Lions. Now let's see if they can keep it up. There are still some defensive concerns.
19 Lions ? Trends 13
Their bad defense was finally exposed. They might not give up 56 every week, but look for at least 25 every week. They are fun to watch on offense.
20 Cardinals ? Trends 15
This is a 1-2 team that has been in every game. That's the good news. The bad news is the Cardinals franchise always seems to lose games they have a chance to win.
21 Bengals ? Trends 18
At 1-2, they are a disappointment after three weeks. The defense was a little better against Seattle, but still not good enough. Now they get the Patriots' high-scoring offense.
22 Giants ? Trends 24
That goal-line stand against the Redskins might have been a season saver. If they beat the Eagles this week, they're at 2-2 and all will seem right in Giants-land.
23 Jets ? Trends 25
They got their first victory, but they still don't look like the 2006 playoff team. This is a hard team to gauge right now.
24 Chiefs ? Trends 32
They stared 0-3 in the face against the Vikings, but came alive in the fourth quarter. The offense can't score points and this week they go into a hornet's nest against the Chargers.
25 Vikings ? Trends 22
So the change to Kelly Holcomb didn't matter. Why this team didn't really address the quarterback issue in the offseason is a great mystery.
26 Raiders ? Trends 29
They get their first victory, but it sure wasn't easy. But they have been in all their games. That's a good sign for this young team.
27 Browns ? Trends 27
They are a blocked field goal away from being 2-1. At least they're playing better. It's baby steps for this team.
28 Saints ? Trends 21
How in the heck can this happen? They look inept on offense after looking so good last year. Why? Why? Why?
29 Rams ? Trends 26
They are a surprise team near the bottom. And the reason they are here is even more surprising -- it's the offense.
30 Dolphins ? Trends 30
Is this the week they get their first victory? The Raiders coming across the country is a good way to get it.
31 Falcons ? Trends 31
At 0-3, it gets worse this week. Matt Schaub comes back to Atlanta, and he's 2-1. That has to sting for Falcons fans.
32 Bills ? Trends 28
Does it get any worse than it is? That offense is an eyesore. Don't you feel sorry for Lee Evans? Nobody can get him the ball.

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