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Default Re: Grossman finally benched

Originally Posted by Edman View Post
The Bears are the 90's Steelers. They have a coach that thinks a stop-gap inconsistent QB is just enough to take your team over the top when he clearly is a HUGE detriment. Funny until Cowher finally considered the QB position(drafted Ben in 2004), he finally won the Super Bowl.

Rex Grossman and Brian Griese= Kordell Stewart and Mike Tomczak.

It's not too late, Lovie. Do something before it's too late.
Griese is a HUGE upgrade over Grossman. IMO, it's unfair to compare Griese to Tomczak, because Griese is a lot better than Tomczak ever was as well. Being in Broncos country, I remember Griese playing very well, but still getting booed out of town as he was unfortunate enough to be the first QB Denver had post-Elway. He also played very well for the Bucs in a backup role in 2005, going 5-1 for them before tearing his ACL. True, Griese is far from being a franchise QB, but he's also just as far from being the complete scrub that Grossman is.
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