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Default Re: HALO 3

The gravity hammer is my new favorite weapon.

My report:

Graphics could be better, decent improvement over the last game.

Storyline is still the Halo storyline, not great; although it is a step up from 1&2 having it come to earth.

Game play and multiplayer are pretty much what you would expect meaning they are great.

The multiplayer maps suck. I'm sorry but this is one aspect of the game that Bungie really regressed since H2. There are no longer any small maps. They are almost all huge and really don't get much sense of anything different when I go from one to another.

Matchmaking takes forever.

The forge is a really cool idea but it's kind of hard to use.

They made Zombies a real game type.

There is no map to play tower of power on.

I went from 11:30 - 1:00 to get my copy. Waited in line that stretched the whole way down the sidewalk of the complex. Cars kept speeding by and people were yelling at us. One group drove by and smashed a 360 on the ground out of the window and filmed the lines expressions. It was grueling...

To be completely honest, the game wasn't worth the long wait in line to get that night. Great game, will meet most peoples expectations but falls a bit short of mine. Despite that though, the online is still great and I am still going to spend hours on the game every day for the next month or so.
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