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Default Re: Prosecutors to seek indictments on vick

Home confinement after testing positive for stress reducing herb may be the least of his problems.

If you fail a drug test between entering a guilty plea and sentencing, many federal judges (my bet is Judge Hudson is one of them) will pull the 2 point reduction for "acceptance of responsibiity" (the reward for pleading guilty and not going to trial) of the offense level used in calculating the advisory sentencing guildelines sentence - that would take Vick to offense level 15 from level 13, which bumps his guidelines range up from 12-18 months to 18-24 months.

Of course the guidelines are only advisory post-2005 and there was some thought Judge Hudson was likely to go to or above the high end of the Guidelines range anyhow.

My bet is that Vick is now looking at 2 years minimum, which keeps him out of the NFL until at least 2010 - what a complete f***ing idiot
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