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Default Re: Prosecutors to seek indictments on vick

You hit it exactly right, Dan. How stupid can he possibly be? If ever a time in his life qualified for choirboy behavior, it's now. He could have done himself a lot of good by staying completely invisible between his conviction and sentencing. Was a couple months of perfect behavior too much to ask? Apparently.

I guess God and Jesus, after Vick found them, didn't bother to tell him that smoking marijuana qualifies as illegal behavior, because, you know, where Vick comes from, they don't understand that marijuana is any big deal (like dogfighting, which is just a sport in the Newz).

Come December, he has to face an already tough judge who has hinted that his sentence could be more time rather than less. Somehow I don't think this latest screw-up is going to help a plea for leniency.

Look out, announcement from Vick's attorneys about his checking into rehab should be forthcoming.
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