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Default Cardinals vs. Ravens replay

so im watching the game and see yamon figures run back a td on the cardinals. they show whisenhunts comments on it after the game where he calmly says, "we cant let that happen" (sound familiar?)

while trying to mount a comeback fitzgerald fumbles a ball close to the redzone that wouldve been ran back to the other 20 if baltimores cb wasnt ruled down by contact. (lemme guess... we cant let that happen?)

and then when they finally start to mount a comeback and boldin scores his 1st td he gets a 15 yard taunting penalty. (we cant let that happen? )

not to mention the missed fg at the half, or the late (pretty bogus) call on wilson hitting heap, that put the ravens in range for the winning fg.

so with whiz as our coach we would simply get "we cant let that happen" as opposed to "we will address it this week and make it go away".

im glad we got tomlin and have to give the rookie coaching edge to him. hes got his players heads on straight for the next game.
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